• ABL stands among top players with well qualified and professional marketing experts who have technical and great understanding of the PEB market.
  • Provides TURNKEY CONSTRUCTION SOLUTIONS to all kind of projects (Civil+PEB).
  • We also have a very strong experienced erection team to convert a dream into reality, from highways to railways projects. (Including metro projects), from industrial to power projects, from institutions to airport projects, from residential and commercial complexes to mall and multiplexes, Ours endeavors to touch every aspect of your life.
contract manufacturing services

Loading First Beam on Jig

product design and manufacturing engineering

Placing the shifted Part assembly on main assembly line

plant manufacturing services

Loading on Trailer

product design and manufacturing engineering

Trail Assembly


  • Construction of all kinds of steel & civil buildings
  • Bid tenders for turnkey projects


  • With well equipped & experienced team of engineers can do erection of various sites within the time frame alloted.


  • Experienced erection engineers to handle highly advanced tools & equipments for erection of buildings
  • Can handle efficiently technically sophisticated buildings