High Rise Buildings

Our vision at Apex is to become world’s leading manufacturer of Pre-engineered Steel structures and with the immense dedication of our team the dream is not far from coming true. High rise buildings by Apex Buildsys are standing nationwide.
Building a multi-level or high-rise building requires using light weighted strong material. Steel, due to its high strength to weight ratio is the perfect material for large spanned yet light weighted constructions. Steel being flexible is perfect for higher wind loads and allows building to deflect and move along with wind forces.
Due to lighter and more efficient building structures, building with steel allows more floors per total height of the building. Ability of having lighter sections, saves up space for almost 1.5 extra floors while keeping the external height of the building unaffected.
The concept of high rise buildings is based on following components of the building:

  • Steel built up columns encased with concrete.
  • Steel hidden beams at floor levels.
  • Hollow core slabs as floors.
  • Light weight or RCC precast panels for walls.
  • India is a cost sensitive market and the cost of high rise buildings with Pre Fab Technology will be within 10 percent as compared to in site construction. This increases the relevance for this system in India.
  • Almost all the structures in developed nations are made using Pre Fab technology and cast in site concept is outdated.
  • The labour requirement is reduced to minimum as the construction and erection of the structure is mainly machine intensive.
  • Adherence to time schedule and the quantity control is ensured. This is more so true keeping in view the pressures of timelines with executing agency.
  • The major advantage besides cost is time saving using Pre Fab technology. With it we are able to save up to 60 percent of time in construction of a high rise building when compared to conventional cast in site construction.
  • As such the time/cost cycle analysis of the project will show huge saving and much better and much faster return on investments.

Our iconic projects:

NECTAR Life Sciences
Up to 10 floors of building in Punjab. (G+10 building)
High end manufacturing and R&D centre in pharma industry.

Apart from the mentioned few, several other multi storied steel building projects are running all over India.

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