Pre Engineered Buildings are extraordinary in strength, comparatively light in weight and more effectual and supple in contrast to conventional construction. These buildings are integrally ‘green’ or environment responsive and comprise high amount of reusable components which is an added advantage.

All of these buildings are designed in accordance with the seismic zones. Steel structures are the best solution to stand against any natural calamity due to their abbreviated mass, making them an ultimate choice for earthquake prone areas.

Growth prospectus for PEB industries are tremendous and PEB is gaining popularity in multiple sectors. Construction by PEB requires much less materials when compared to conventional buildings. This is gained by the use of high strength steel, reduced scrap and optimal designing. Under ‘Make in India’ campaign of government future of PEB is promising and demand for PEB will be skyrocketing.

The Auto industry in India is also on growth ride and PEB manufacturers are getting enormous business opportunities in setting up of automobile and anti-ancillary facilities. Apex has provided services to some of the best automobile industries.

Our iconic projects:

TATA NANO, Ahmedabad

  • 2580 square meters of area.
  • More than 100 metres in length and 8 meters in height
  • Project weight of 170 tons.